Take control of Practice Leak

There are literally dozens of variables that contribute to the loss of revenue within a practice. The MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) asserts that 3% of all revenue loss is unavoidable due to patient debt, pre-authorization/certification issues, and eligibility mishaps.

The remaining percentage of revenue lost by the average practice, roughly 12-22% of all revenue, makes up what is referred to as Practice Leak.

This is your revenue. This is your business. Take control of Practice Leak and you will take control of your financial future.


Black Hole Claims are claims inappropriately written or adjusted off, an un-worked denial, or an active claim not addressed for four weeks or more.

Regulatory requirements and insurance company roadblocks are escalating beyond the capacity of independent practices to keep up. Attempting to train and re-train your staff each time a new expectation is introduced is simply not sustainable.

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