Everyone agrees that backing up your data is a good idea. With digital records, it’s paramount that your strategy includes more than making a copy on an external hard drive. A complete solution with redundant onsite and offsite backup, including regular testing of the database validity, is the only way to ensure your data is protected.

data loss graphicData Backup Plan

Off site backup is one of the best ways to safeguard your organization from the risk of data loss. Your backup plan should include MedCo Data’s Easy Online Backup Manager, the most secure, cost-effective choice for data backup. Our backup suite is full service – that means we do it all for you.

Disaster Recovery Plan

In this uncertain world, a disaster recovery plan is worth its weight in gold. After a disaster, secure and immediate access to your data is a crucial element of the disaster recovery process. If your servers go down or get damaged, rely on MedCo Data to keep your data safe and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

In the healthcare industry, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a major consideration. Published by Health and Human Services (HHS), the law is focused on safeguarding patient health information confidentiality and touches every area of the health industry from single physicians to multi-specialty hospitals. An important section of this act deals with the storage and transfer of health related records electronically. Enforcement has been in effect from April 2003, and there are strict civil and criminal penalties levied for acts of non-compliance.

logo-stratovaultAs a result, it’s critical that offsite backup vendors comply with these regulations. MedCo Data is a HIPAA Certified technology provider, well-versed in all of the regulations and requirements of the law. We can be trusted to help you navigate these waters, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist.

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