An overwhelming task that many physicians struggle with is how to capture paper records into a digital format. By partnering with Kodak, MedCo Data has been able to design one of the simplest, resource-friendly solutions in the industry.

Using barcode technology, your team will then scan each record, automatically parsed into the tab headings you currently use, and send to our cloud based data bank.

When the time is right, you’ll be able to easily import your records into the EHR solution of your choice.

Chart Ready easily converts your medical charts to a digital format
  • Utilizes preferred format of EHR systems, HIPAA compliant
  • Advanced barcode technology  –  Smart scanning
  • Charts remain at your office  –  No boxing, no transporting, no lost charts
  • Can be used prior to EHR  –  Get started Now
  • No monthly fee, no per page cost

Chart Ready