Antivirus or anti-virus software (often abbreviated as AV) is computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software.

Originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, the proliferation of other kinds of malware and computer threats forced providers to include protection from other computer threats. In particular, modern antivirus software can protect from:

  • Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)AV Image
  • browser hijackers
  • ransomware
  • keyloggers
  • backdoors
  • rootkits
  • trojan horses
  • worms
  • malicious LSPs
  • dialers, fraudtools
  • adware and spyware

As for the healthcare space, HIPAA regulations are quite clear regarding the protection of patient information. Your databases are a treasure trove of invaluable information to the average hacker, who in today’s world is anything but average.

Data security is not a choice but a responsibility, and MedcoData can guide you towards making the right decision on how to protect your patients and, ultimately, your business. For a free analysis and estimate, give us a call on 888.633.2632.