MedcoData at the AAD Conference

AAD2015 – We hope to see you at the conference!


It’s that time of year again and many of you may already be settling into your hotel rooms for the American Academy of Dermatology annual conference. For those attending, I hope it’s a spectacular conference filled with opportunity for knowledge transfer. This is our 7th year as an exhibitor and we are looking forward to seeing the familiar faces as well as many new introductions.

For those of you who don’t already know, MedCo Data launched our new Revenue Shield System™ in the second quarter of 2014. With reimbursements continually being cut and the complexities of managing a practice exponentially escalating, every physician needs to work smarter. This tool is our contribution to helping independent physicians remain independent.

The Revenue Shield System™ is middleware, a software that works independently but in conjunction with your practice management and/or EHR systems. Simply put, it finds the revenue that is slipping through your practice as a result of underpayments, improper insurance bundling, coding errors, and billing mishaps (a problem we call Practice Leak). In less than one year we have found over $800,000 for independent physicians coast to coast!

If you have any concerns that revenue might be slipping through your practice please come by our booth to discuss a free Proof Module Analysis®. If you are confident your current billing solution is rock solid, put it to the test. Our initial data analysis is free and often eye opening.

Learn more about our unique Revenue Cycle Management system.

We look forward to seeing you at  Booth Number #315!


Dan Rodgers
President and CEO